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Map to Hope Bagot.
The Church from the South, picture taken by Howard Humphreys
Welcome to the Friends of Hope Bagot Church

The aim of the Friends of Hope Bagot Church is to strengthen the feeling of community we share and to widen the circle of people who already value the church and churchyard, and contribute to their maintenance, or who simply visit and enjoy its peace and tranquility.

Cardamine pratensis - Lady's Smock
Smart new cushions for the pews
Door curtain & rail, cushions for the pews - 2009
Detail of the new rail and draught curtain 2009
Here are some pictures of what the Friends’ money has been spent on recently. Firstly, to help cut out a few draughts and economise on the heating, a door curtain was made which required a curtain rail too and then some cushions for the pews were added.  Doesn’t it all look smart!